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KCRW’s Jeremy Sole (The Lift/Afro Funké/Musaics) is set to headline at Descarga's 9th Anniversary party, plus a live performance by the dynamic Puerto Rican bomba collective, Grupo Atabey. Experience two rooms with Resident and Special Guest DJs Sloe Poke (La Boa), Bobby Soul (Boogaloo Assassins), Billy Goods (Boogaloo Assassins), Loslito (The Rebirth), Cee Brown (Bodega), Pablito Más (Weinberg & Goldstein), Rude 1 (Highland Sounds), Curator (Highland Sounds)and Reyes (Tropico de Nopal) and more; spinning the best in Afro- Latin and World dance music all night.
About Jeremy Sole:

For the past 20 years, Chicago-born Jeremy Sole has been making beats since the MPC 60 was born, deejaying since rotary cross faders were the standard, and playing clubs since he was too young to (legally) get in. As a teenager, Sole's underground loft parties were packed with sweaty bodies - a culture clash at the birth of Hip Hop and House music. He matured as a turntablist in Jazz, Dub and experimental hybrid bands before the phrase "Acid Jazz" confined that sound. The rich Chicago history of Blues, Jazz, Disco and Funk were all part of his upbringing, and like a true music lover Jeremy has always reveled in the place where they all blend together. “When I was young, I spent many a night in the alleys behind blues clubs, listening to cats like Buddy Guy through the air vents. Those same nights I would be mixing with legendary Disco deejays at our downtown loft parties." Since then his obsession grew to include music from around every corner of the world.

About Grupo Atabey:

Atabey represents the continuous struggle of Afro-Boricua people to maintain and promote their culture through drumming, dance and song. Bomba music is a tradition that was brought to Puerto Rico from Africa by the slaves who worked in sugar cane plantations. The music represents a mixture of religious, cultural, and poverty dynamics within struggles of life and love.

About Descarga Club L.A.:

The night club began with avid crate-diggers DJs Dusk*, Sloe Poke and Loslito, in 2003. They loved rare and classic 60s and 70s salsa cuts and funky beats; so Loslito and Dusk started experimenting by dropping tracks at their weekly hip hop night, "The Root Down." The response was overwhelming. The underground hip hop crowd embraced the cumbia and classic salsa sound; and suddenly "traditional" Latin music was hip to a younger, multicultural generation. Descarga is the original alternative to the Latin rock scene and commercial cumbia and salsa events, with DJs spinning funk, soul, cumbia, afrobeat, samba to salsa, reggae, deep house and dance-driven roots music from all over the world. Today, the night is produced by Jennifer Cuevas (Jenerate Media) and Carlos “Loslito” Guaico (The Rebirth/ Walk Talkin’ Productions) in collaboration with local artists and DJs.


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