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Since 2003, Descarga Club L.A. {#DescargaClubLA} has attracted thousands of avid multicultural art and music enthusiasts, highlighting souful Afro-Latin and world dance music.

The L.A.-based event began with avid crate-diggers DJs Dusk*, Sloe Poke and Loslito. They loved searching for classic, and particularly rare, 60's and 70's salsa cuts and funky beats. Loslito and Dusk started by experimenting at their weekly underground hip hop night, "The Root Down." They dropped classic salsa and cumbia tracks into their mixes and the response was overwhelmingly positive. This hip hop crowd embraced Latin roots music, and suddently "traditional" Latin music began making a come-back with a younger generation of diverse Angelenos in L.A.'s music scene.

Descarga Club L.A. DJs spin funk, soul, cumbia, afrobeat, samba to salsa, reggae, deep house and dance-driven music from all over the world. 

Today, the night is produced by Jennifer Cuevas (Jenerate Media) and Loslito (The Rebirth/ Walk Talkin’ Productions) in collaboration with local artists, DJs and other creative minds, from around the block and the globe.

It's important to note that the term "descarga" is a Latin music term usedto describe a jam session (sometimes a download). In fact, you'll find descarga's all over the world, but there is only one soulful and funky descarga soiree in L.A. where you'll hear roots music, to DJ driven Latin and world music dance sets all night-- and that's at our camp. Welcome to a zone where we play what we like and aim to connect art, fashion and music fanatics. Get ready to dance!

Join us at our 9th Anniversary ~ Summer 2012...






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